Thursday, August 7, 2008

Form letter to AP's Jerusalem bureau, requesting retraction of dangerous report on 'Iran nukes'

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SUBJECT: Urgent! Correction and Retraction Needed

Dear Mr. Gutkin,

In your latest report ("Israel considers military option for Iran nukes") your headline tells readers that Iran possesses nuclear weapons, and your narrative states as fact, several times, that Iran is building them:

"... a way to get allies to step up the pressure on Tehran to stop building nukes."

"And the U.S., aware of Israel's high anxiety over Iran's nukes, ..."

"With sanctions and diplomacy still the international community's preferred method to get Iran to stop building the bomb, an Israeli strike does not appear imminent."

As far as you and I and the world know, both the IAEA and US intelligence services have stated that Iran is not weaponizing — much less, possessing a nuclear weapon.

In fact, no agency has shown any evidence proving the existence of an Iranian weapons program. If they have, AP certainly hasn't related that reality to its readers thus far.

I'm sure you realize what hangs in the balance — not only for the Iranian people or the people of the United States, but also Israelis and Palestinians and perhaps the world. Millions of lives could be hanging on your words as bureau chief and editor of these most highly contentious news stories.

As scary and dangerous as a nuclear-armed Iran may be, allowing such a grave error to stand could be just as dangerous because it could lead to the same disastrous outcome.

I hope that you will not only issue a correction to this extremely dangerous error, but subsequently retract the entire report as well.

I appreciate your time and await your prompt response to this urgent supplication.